PDL 1050

Powered by an electric start 10hp air cooled four stroke Diesel engine, with a direct drive to a cold water high pressure water pump delivering an average of 15 ltrs per min at 3200 PSI, makes this machine the choice of the mobile professional cleaning teams across the country.  The pressure and flow are simply adjustable by one conveniently located hand knob giving pressure from as low as 500 psi and flow from 350ltrs per hour allowing maximum use of the 1050ltr on-board water tank between fills

Variable pressure and flow control

The heavy duty three piston brass pump with stainless steel cover and top quality brass unloader valve allow for simple variable pressure and flow control.  All units are supplied with a standard 10 metre long control.  All units are supplied with a standard 10m long hose, or the option of a 20 metre hose on the standard real and a further 10 metre hose on quick release connectors to give a massive 30 meter reach from the machine

2 part lance with trigger assembly and quick release

The stainless steel two part Lance with trigger assembly and quick release swiveling coupling are ideal to manoeuver around tight or difficult to get at areas and the five different styles of quick change colour coded power nozzles provided, which are conveniently located on the power washer dash board should cover any possible cleaning job you may encounter

Pathfinder 900ltr driven pressure washer

Pathfinder 900ltr (190gal) cold water, self contained driven pressure washer

Adapted sweeper chasis fitted with water tank and high pressure water pump.  900lr water tank with 150mm empying valve on the rear.  Enclosed in a steel cage to proect the tank from damage

Fitted water tank

Water tank fitted to a tipping bed to allow access to the engine and pump assembly for maintenance and refueling.

Single seat driver operator cab

Single seat driver operator cab with 25ltr chemical container and adjustable flow regulator plus water pressure gauge.  Water cleaning pressure of 3000psi and 15 ltrs per minute flow giving 60mins of continuous use per full tank of water


Pathfinder 1000Dv and Is

The Pathfinder 1000DV & IS (direct Vacuum & Indirect Suction) mini compact ride on sweeper offers increased productivity and a high standard of cleansing.  Compact and very maneuverable it will negotiate the narrowest of spaces and gives an exceptional litter carrying capacity

More details

With a gross weight of 1155kg, the Pathfinder is suitable to be used on block paving and delicate surfaces.

Designed for difficult areas

The Pathfinder 1000 DV is designed for those difficult to get at areas in houseing estates, town centres, shopping precincts, and car parks, on footpaths and in areas with restriced access.  With simplicity of operation, its the first choicefor effective general sweeping in pedestrian areas