With over 30 years’ experience within the cleaning machine supply industry we pride ourselves on providing the correct machinery for the job and NOT just supplying whatever machinery is on our sales list.We stock and / or maintain many different manufacturers and customers’ machines, from basic walk behind sweepers and scrubber driers, office vacuum and rotary polishers, to heavy duty industrial ride on sweepers and scrubber driers pressure washers and municipal sweeping equipment.

If we do not have a machine to suit the application we will tell you, to give you the opportunity to either look else ware, or ask us for impartial advise or, as we often have accounts with other manufacturers we may be able to purchase equipment for you and sometimes negotiate a discounted price. In other cases where there may be a special application that is not suitable for the use of a standard machine we have often designed and manufactured or modified a machine to suit as a one off to solve the problem.

If you have an application of this nature please just ask and we will do our best to advise if it is possible to overcome and if so what will be required including the cost, which may be more cost effective than you might think. We also specialise in outside machinery specifically for shopping centres, exhibition centres, town centres, and many other open air venues, including the vacuum sweeping of grassed areas.